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One Piece Portrait.Of.Pirates Portgas D. Ace by MegaHouse at WonFes 2014.

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“I have a theory that selflessness and bravery aren’t all that different.” 

Veronica Roth

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A Week Without Regrets → Day 2:

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okay, but imagine if fma had been adapted into a musical

#i can just see the homunculi singing and dancing

omfg i just remembered this! 


I really love your blog, seriously. It got me back into One Piece and made me finally start reading the Manga. My questions though is about Makino's baby. Who do you think the father is? I kinda really hope its Shanks. It would be too adorable!


Thank you! That’s really great to hear, especially about reading the manga!

With Makino and her baby, most of the fandom seems to be sure that Shanks is the father. I think that he’s probably the most likely person too, but I’m also keeping the possibility open that it’s Ace (no matter what hurtful things tumblr user violariku says about it).

My best guess is that Makino is between 27 and 30 years old before the time skip, when Ace was 20 and Shanks was 37. The age difference between Makino and Shanks isn’t any different than the age difference between Makino and Ace. There’s also problems either way as to how Ace or Shanks could have gotten to the East Blue to father a child, especially Shanks since the Yonkou are monitored by the World Gov at all times. But Ace went all over the place searching for Blackbeard for an unknown period of months before he was executed. I think he easily had the time to go back to Foosha village. Plus, the baby that Mainko’s holding could easily be about 13 or 15 months old in my opinion

(guessing ages is hard tho)

So given 9 months of pregnancy, and a little over a year to grow, I think it’s super likely that Makino’s baby was conceived at the same approximate time that Ace was searching the world for Blackbeard. That, or they’re several months younger and was fathered by Shanks not too long after Marineford.

It’s not that I really ship Makino and Ace that much, but it’s mostly 2 basic things. One is that I don’t want Roger and Ace’s bloodline to be extinct. I’d like for there to be a little Ace Jr. out there that Luffy could be an uncle to, and hopefully lead a better life than his father did, and not harbor the same resentments toward him that Ace did to Roger. And two is that I’m not really a fan of shipping characters who have had so little interaction. Shanks visited Foosha Villaige a handful of times over just the course of 1 year, when Shanks was 27 and Makino was around 20 or 23. ALL the interaction that the two of them had was just relatively brief pit-stops between voyages over the course of just 1 year. Seriously—Shanks only used Foosha Village as his base for a single year, and spent the vast majority of that time at sea. Obviously very meaningful relationships can be founded within that short of a time frame—it was all the time that little Luffy needed to base his whole life after the pursuit of being like and surpassing Shanks. But the idea that Shanks and Makino were in love during this period, and then Shanks left for a solid 10 years, and then just came back one day and fathered a kid seems… kinda disingenuous to me. Ace lived on the island for 17 whole years, and had a clear crush on Makino growing up. Obviously he was just a kid and too young for her, but after he spent 3 years away, if he came back as an adult it’s possible their relationship could have changed.

So yeah. I’m just keeping my options open. Shanks is super likely, but Ace is possible too. I can’t really imagine anyone other than the two of them being the father. I think Shanks is more likely, but honestly I’d rather it was Ace. It just feels a lot more meaningful to me. I’ve got nothing against shipping Makino and Shanks, but like I said, it just doesn’t feel right to me that a man who was friends with a woman who he only knew for 1 year, 10 years ago, shows up and has a kid with her and then takes off again. Ace’s and Makino’s relationship, even if it was mostly one between a kid and a teenage/a teenager and an adult, had a lot more time to develop and had a lot more time to gain importance for both of them.

That baby looks waaay too young to be aces tho. If this baby was aces he would have to be at least 14-15 months old … unless makino pulled a rouge and kept the baby inside her womb longer than 9 months but i highly doubt that. Babies start walking at around 10 months so i think it would have made more sense for oda to have drawn the kid already standing up on his own instead of being carried around like an infant if he really was 14-15 months old.